Design Story

Thermaltake has been evolving continuously over the past two decades in the PC DIY industry. From developing thermal ventilation optimization, gaming oriented design to architectural aesthetics, we never stop striving to provide the best to the consumers. Thermaltake, while constantly improves on the PC hardware components, also always advocate for the Modding community. We understand the importance of appreciating innovation and maker movement, so we continually support and work with modders to advance the PC DIY industry together.

To help us celebrate our 20th anniversary and reflect on our achievements, we gathered all the successful elements on what we have learned over the past two decades and combine with the latest trends in the market to form Level 20.

Design Concept

Thermaltake embraces our deep-rooted core values, PC cooling. It is the rudiment that Thermaltake is built on, wanting to focus on ventilation optimization, we decided to bring back the highly adored individual compartmental design from its predecessor, Level 10. With excellent airflow and the capacity to house outstanding amount of liquid and air cooling system, Level 20 is a superior ventilation optimum chassis.

We also recognize the importance of innovative flexibility for the hardcore gamers and DIY PC lovers today. With that in mind, we incorporated various flexible mechanisms such as interchangeable panels and versatile components placements. The flexibility provides incredible modding potential for modders and enthusiasts.

Being the trend-leading figure in the PC industry, Thermaltake incorporated the latest AI software control technology into Level 20. The voice command software system can control the built in RGB fan, Lumi Plus LED strip, and other TT RGB products. The illumination system made Level 20 the latest addition to our gorgeous TT RGB Family.