General questions
It supports ITX(6.7” x 6.7”), Micro ATX(9.6” x 9.6), ATX(12” x 9.6”) and E-ATX(12” x 13”) motherboards.
- For 2.5” HDD/SSD, it supports up to 11pcs.
- For 3.5” HDD, it supports up to 8 pcs(Also install 3pcs 2.5” SSD)
There are 3 Riing plus 140mm LED fans pre-installed. You can refer to our compatibility list of fans for airflow system build.
There are 8 slots for graphic cards installations. If you would like to rise your card by our riser cable, we offer 2 slots for it. It varies with your graphic cards.
Yes, we offer the software controller as our accessory. You can follow the installation guide in the manual to enjoy your AI travel. If you want learn more, please refer to the link.